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Vehicle Title Methods

Every vehicle scenario has a title method available to get proper documentation of your vehicle ownership.

A true duplicate title can be obtained when the vehicle owner has a previous title issued by the DMV in their name. If you have lost the title document, never received one, or it has become damaged, you can request that the government title office issue a replacement title certificate. This will only work if your name appears in the official title records for that vehicle

In this scenario the vehicle has been transferred to you without a title, or you have lost the title prior to changing it into your name. There are a few ways to get a new title in your name. The most common are bonded title, and VT transfer, depending on the year of the vehicle, and in what state you are a resident.

If a lien appears in the title records, you will need to have that removed prior to obtaining a new title. A lien release document is submitted to the state titling agency for lien clearance.

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