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Vehicle Title Recovery

You need a title for your vehicle. We get that. Select one of the scenarios below that matches your situation, and we will get it handled.

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We have handled over 1 million titles for clients in all 50 states. Every title problem has an answer. Let's find yours.

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There are thousands of different scenarios for clients who need titles. They all have a way to fix the problem and get a title. Choose the category which your situation matches, and let's solve the problem.

True Duplicate

You had a legal title already issued by the DMV in your name, and you misplaced that title.


You have a vehicle which has never had a legal government issued title with your name on the records.

Lien Release

You have a vehicle with a lien recorded on the title records.


Your vehicle has a salvage, junk, or rebuilt title on the title records. (Purchased from Copart, IAAI, etc)


Consumer Resources

You can access every DMV form, document, and instruction for free, for do-it-yourselfers looking to process titles. Or, you an have our title services division process titles for you.

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Title Services

Every vehicle needs a title for registration, transfer of ownership, or to release from impound. You will need three things to get your title?
VIN - Name/Address to be listed on title -

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